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We are always looking for both new and established writers to share their voice at Stranger Stories events! We are an "on-book" show, which means each writer gives a lively reading of their piece from their text. 


Submission Guidelines:

​Your story should:

  • Be between 900 - 1400 words in length.

  • Written as first-person narratives. Please no poetry or experimental prose. It should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. 

  • Be true! We want your story, told in only the way that you can!

Want more tips?

  • We like stories in the lower half of our word count as much as we like stories in the upper half. Don't feel pressure to extend your piece, if it doesn't suit the story.

  • We're a lit night, not a lit journal, so we recommend reading your story out loud before you submit it! This can be incredibly helpful in your editing process to understand how your piece might work with an audience and we read all stories out loud as part of our selection process.

  • Understand the stakes of your story. Is this the type of story that would make you lean in if your friend was sharing it over drinks? The most successful stories have unmistakable points - don't leave your audience guessing.

Pieces are not edited by Stranger Stories, but we do need to review your content in order to successfully curate the show. We may suggest an occasional tweak or update based on our experience of bringing work from the page to the stage. Themes are open to interpretation. Readers receive a modest stipend for their contribution at the event.

We're booking readers for...

Theme: Rivals

Now accepting submissions for your true stories of friendly competition and un-sportsmanlike shenanigans. This month, we're reading stories on the theme: Rivals. Tell us tales of climbing the corporate ladder - and who tried to take you down. What happened when you went to the home game of the rival team? Did you ever find yourself in a love triangle with a romantic rival? What happened when a rival emerged to supplant your spot at head of the class? From sibling rivalry to artistic rivals, tell us how your rival earned your begrudging respect - or declared full on war. Themes are open to interpretation, but stories must be true.

Submissions due June 3, 2024. To submit, please send your story, and a few lines about yourself, to:

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